Monday, 24 November 2008

Concept rider

Little Red Riding Hood got evil....

Concept Hare

He can dress up all he likes, he ain't no deer.
For current commission.

The Pussycat's Owl

This is a quick photoshoppage of an owl image used in the graphic novel I'm working on with Neil. He is much smaller on the page, but I liked the image enough to do a quick something else with him, stand him alone, he deserves it :) The little image on it is my new imagestamp. Will be on all my stuff from now on. To show it's MINE!! ;)

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Random 50 words pt.1

My friend Carl and I have started a game where we write 50 random words for each other to illustrate in 7-10 comic strip boxes. Here is the first... of hopefully many to come! It's very quickly done as we're both really very busy at the moment, but it's so nice and refreshing amidst my other work... I normally put a lot of time into every picture so it's nice to relax my style a bit! Plus I'd never drawn a sperm whale for anything before... or plankton for that matter! Don't even know what they look like but I don't think it matters.... !!! Click on the pic to view it larger.

If you would like to join in, please let me know... send me 50 words, I'll send ya some back :D -x-

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Hounds testers

The fine hounds are to adorn the background of a page of the graphic novel along with many others...

Sneaky Peaky

I am currently working on a graphic novel to be published next year. The author I am working with has kindly said that I can put up sneaky bits and pieces from it, hooray! Here's the first, a hound from a menagerie of creatures in the chase.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Portrait of Alex

Suckerpunch Photoshoot

A few of the images from photoshoot with London band Suckerpunch

Give Us A Chance

A few images from recent commission illustrating children's poetry book "Give Us A Chance"
All Images copyright Bonnie Baker/Jane Mann 2008

Alex Tied Up

Drawing digitally manipulated.

Catching Up

hey there people's, this is my new blog, welcome! a bit of catching up, some of my fave bits i've made thus far. enjoy! x

"The Stage" Digital Collage.

"Skinny Tryptich" Screen prints edited in photoshop.

"Calm Foetus" Drawing digitally manipulated.

"Chickenwire beauty"