Friday, 27 August 2010

ooh yeah

made this recently, trying to put all my work in one picture! obviously its not all there, that would be a crazy tardis style fractal image, no? but still looks pretty cool me thinks. but then, i am bias.

I have been ultra lovely and uploaded a really big version of it. but steal it and feel my ultra mega wrath of pain, biatcheez!!


portrait inspired by a mask by johnny deluxe, of the demon beast fistfukkah

dark mills festival

of late, i have been helping out with a festival called the dark mills festival. i have been a general assistant in design and web content editing, and other such tasks. it's great!

here's the flyer from the website, with all the details on. do click it to see it bigger.
i designed the character and logo and chose the fonts, but can't claim credit for the whole design.

i have also been working on the programme for the event, to be sold on the day. it has proven to be a task of epic proportions, but i am determined to make it a proper piece of art worth keeping. ...i am ever so sleepy though...!!
ah, i may compain about working for 15 1/2 hours practically straight, but i love it really. tis why i'm in the business!

oh yeah! i shall be exhibiting at this event, in the crypt, alongside chris achilleos, graham humphreys, and terry english! wowza!

i also have a few other things going on at the moment- i am very busy but happy. more details on these things as they emerge!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

recent photos of.... me!?!

went into the studio at work with the awesome ana again recently, this time with the aim to take some surprise photos for the drag fiend crew's clothing, heeee!! but we took some other photos while we were there too!

view ana's photography on flikr

ana also made the bin bag dress... i love it!!

these are some of my edits from the evening

such fun!!