Monday, 30 January 2012

Positive Pit Bull Auction

The Positive Pit Bull, a charity in America working towards a better image for Pitbulls is holding an auction to raise money. I sent over the original drawing of this piece, I hope it raises some pennies! Oops- cents! 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cosmic pitbull print

The pitbull is an unnecessarily demonised breed, and I intend to spread a new and positive way of thinking about them through pictures portraying a more... cosmic image. This is a screen print design, details on how to get this on your garb available by request :)

cosmic wolf print

This print is available now... details on how to get one on your clothing are available by request :)

septic montage

This piece was exhibited in 2011 at the Modern Panic exhibition and also at Resistance Gallery's Mexico Siniestro. It is a blend of Christian composition mixed with the grungiest, lowest forms of life in our fair city of london. These comparisons highlight our similarities and differences throughout all our cultures.