Tuesday, 28 April 2009

retouching skills

my new job has taught me a lot about retouching photos. here are a couple of quick self portraits i've done recently with my new skills!

the first is using a ring flash hand triggered away from the camera to create the lighting effect. unfortunately it did not belong to me, but i think it will be a worthy investment for the future!

the second is checking out the high pass technique i was recently shown at work. i really like the effect and may make it more of a feature in my photography style!

the third is of my friend sabine, taken in very tricky lighting conditions. i really like the final effect on this photograph.

i don't think my style as it develops will be about creating an entirely natural look. as with my illustration, i want to bring something a little extra to the image to make it interesting. i can save the natural look for the photo studio work!

i also will feature the panoramic format within my work as well.

and i also hope to get time to get out and about photographing other people soon too!

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