Saturday, 1 January 2011

happy new year!

happy new year to you all! here's a catch up on some of the winter's creative fruits:

 these are the designs i created for my christmas cards, which were in a few select festival of sins goodiebags and also i sold some- as well as using for my family and friends!

soon before christmas day, in somerset, my friend and i braved the snow to get some fun pics- although it was more for the experience (very refreshing!) we took some cool photos. here's one, of moi, taken by sophie and edited by me :)

 this is my talented cousin jennie, who performs at wookey hole doing all manner of awesome circus treats. i love the contrast of fire and snow. these were taken on christmas morning- our family was waiting to open presents but i'm so glad we got these photos!

 alex and i play with some coloured lighting :)

looking forward to a productive 2011! 

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