Tuesday, 29 November 2011

winter's catching up time!

hello peoples

of late, i have been working for Libidex Latex, doing at first photoretouching for their new male range, and then some bits and pieces of design work here and there, such as adverts and web banners, things like that. 

It is fun! where else could i come home from work, and upon being asked what i have done today, reply "well, today i created a christmas newsletter, featuring a motif of a reindeer with a massive penis!"

I love this job. The work is now few and far between but worth it. 

Apart from this work, I have done a couple of photoshoots, and some other bits and pieces, I'll see if i can remember.

I was a zombie for Alice Cooper's halloween show again! there were many more of us this  time, it didn't feel so exclusive but was still very fun. Here's a couple of photos of Alex and I, then I shall proceed with photos and images from recent creative escapades. My make up was done by Audrey Raemakers, pictured with us :)

(I don't do the pop ups for the website :) )

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  1. very tasty Bonnie old bean!
    anarchistwood salute you