Wednesday, 16 December 2009

it's nearly christmas...!!

...and like everyone else i've got the pre christmas rush on! a last minute 2 day commission, there was the book launch at festival of sins last saturday, a part time job AND christmas shopping!! arrghh!! i am TERRIBLE at keeping this thing updated but i'm all nicely settled into my new home, with internet, so that should get better.

i'm getting ahead of myself!

i'm renting again! i know i know, gave in to the system and what not. but my creativity was suffering and sometimes one has to prioritise.

the book launch! yes, the wonderful people at festival of sins were lovely and held it at their christmas "immorality" event.

no sales, really, but good fun and i was very happy to be there!

also for this event, i created the first "festival of sins colouring-in book" which was handed out free or with a small donation (thankyou to everyone who kept me able to get a drinky!!) and there will hopefully be a good response of coloured images returned, with the best 3 winning a prize! fun fun. here are a couple of the sketches from the book:

so! the graphic novel; it IS available, twelve modest english pound's worth of poetry and imagery goodness! do contact me if you would like one. I am also here going to release (shock horror!!) a double page spread from the book for you to see! i have been purposefully elusive with imagery as i like a surprise but people do like to see what they're buying so i've given in to popular vote and here we are:

i'm sorry to be a bore but i will remind you this image is strictly copyrighted!!

and here's the promo website address for more info:

online buying is not available -yet-; waiting on a technician that the author is dealing with down in somerset, but i will let you know when it is. in the meantime, if you're desperate, contact me, i have paypal! ...there were only 500 printed...

aaaand the two day commission- images of that coming later i'm sure.

anyways, happy festive times, y'all!!


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