Saturday, 23 January 2010

it's after christmas!

been rather slack on the blog posting front of late.

okay, new stuffs... new camera! splashed out on a D5000. it's rather yummy, crisp, good in low light, has video, swivelly view finder with live view, automatic image sensor cleaning, 12mp of goodness, yaaay

here's some piccies i took with some friends yesterday, showing off the drag fiend crew gear :)

still lower light than i would like to take pics in, i guess lighting is next on the list of stuff to buy. my ring flash is still around, but looks kinda tacky next to the new camera!!

can't wait til the summer, you can't beat natural light in photographs!!

what else... err am a full time photo retoucher at the studios now, luckily they've condensed 5 days into 4 so, although they're long days i get a three day weekend yay :) so hopefully i can keep working on my own stuff on the weekends and save up to give myself a good chance at freelancing too, whooooo :D

here's a canvas i did recently, towards my new set of artworks, which i hope to exhibit in the summer sometime. the concepts will become clear as they emerge.

ta ta for now! -x-

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